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With over 50 years in this industry, Platte River Concrete Co. has positioned itself as a one-stop supplier and advisor in construction. We offer our clients a wide variety of construction materials to get the job done.

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Other Products

Exposed Aggregate

The construction industry demands the highest quality concrete and at Platte River Concrete Co. we use our expertise, and multigenerational knowledge to deliver only the

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Precast Concrete Blocks

Platte River Concrete Co. supplies quality concrete blocks for all your building needs, including industrial, commercial, institutional and residential. Concrete blocks are not only practical

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Colored Concrete

Concrete is not just a symbol of strength; with the right design team it becomes a symbol of creativity. We love concrete; and getting creative

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High-Performance Concrete

High-performance concrete (HPC) is concrete that has been designed to be more durable and, if necessary, stronger than conventional concrete. HPC mixtures are composed of

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Pervious Concrete

Pervious concrete pavement is a unique and effective means to address important environmental issues and support green, sustainable growth. By capturing stormwater and allowing it

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Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

A great choice for residential and commercial building projects, fiber-reinforced concrete is designed with micro or macro fibers to reduce shrinkage cracking, and for added

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